The Importance of Full Inspection in China

Not all buyers can afford an inspection service when importing or buying goods from other countries. But do you know that taking a full inspection of your package before shipment will make you save and guarantee growth in your business? Today, when companies buy from China, there are many options for extra services. These additional […]

How to Get a Certificate of Conformity

Do you need help understanding some requirements when buying in China? You probably heard about required certifications before you can import. When you buy a product from another country, there are important things to check. It is essential to check the specifications if you are going to sell it. A product must bear a certificate […]

How to Buy Products from “Made in PRC”

Many items have been stapled with Made in China labels; you can see them on clothing, toys, devices, and so on. However, this label sparked negative reviews from many buyers worldwide. They believed that when they saw this label, the products were already fake and of poor quality. As a result, it affected many businesses […]

How to Find the Perfect Global Sourcing Partner? 5 Tips

Small businesses often face the challenge of finding the right global sourcing partner. There are many factors to consider when choosing a partner, such as cost, quality, lead time, and flexibility. The wrong partner can lead to costly mistakes and delays, so it’s important to do your homework before making a decision. Here are some […]

7 Key Product Tests You Need To Use

Using the 80/20 rule, senior engineer Paul Adams uses his own decades of experience to explore the 7 product tests that have stood the test of time for him throughout his career because these few tests tend to provide the most benefits to the most importers who are checking and validating specific items in materials, […]

Complete Guide on How to Buy from 1688 Outside China

Do you want to know how to buy from 1688 if you are outside of China, and how to choose high-quality 1688 suppliers? Buying from 1688 as a foreigner is not easy. But, If you really comprehend this site, you will definitely can find it is a treasure. You can unearth a wider selection of […]

New Product Development in China

Despite intense competition from emerging locations like Vietnam and Mexico, China’s manufacturing industry remains a strong and compelling draw for many international firms, especially when it comes to new product development. Since China loosened its zero-tolerance approach to Covid at the beginning of December, the country is expected to return to normality in the near […]

All Type China Trade Company

Unlike exclusive distributors appointed by manufacturers in other parts of the world, manufacturers in China are open to everyone, but their terms and conditions are strict. China trade company give flexibility in terms of delivery, shipment, and easier methods. I would say that at least 25-40% of buyers are willing to buy non-capital goods from […]

Why UL Certification for Product Safety is so Important for some Importers [Podcast]

Our head of New Product Development and resident product reliability expert, Andrew Amirnovin, joins Adrian in this bonus episode to introduce and talk about UL compliance. Andrew shares his experience to answer these questions: What is the UL certification? Who needs it and when? What kinds of products would typically need to be UL-tested? How […]

UL Certification: Does Our Product Need It?

Sofeast’s head of New Product Development and resident product reliability expert, Andrew Amirnovin, provides this introduction to UL certification. You’ll learn what this testing is for, the kinds of products involved, who requires it, and more.   Listen to this episode. Hit play below: 🎧 BONUS: UL Compliance. Does YOUR product need a UL certification?   […]