How to find winning product to sell on Amazon

One of the easiest ways to start is by checking out Amazon’s Best Sellers lists. You can expect the products on the Amazon Best Sellers lists to be highly competitive since the products on the lists are guaranteed to be in high demand and actually sell. Moreover, these lists are divided into particular categories, which makes it easy for sellers to find popular products in their areas of interest.

A better option is to use a product-hunting tool like Revam. Our AI software generates lists of customer-verified products that have all of the information retailers want. You can quickly find the product you want in any category.

Other Amazon rankings, such as the “Most Wished For” and “New Releases” lists, might also help you stay ahead of the competition.


Is the product gaining more or less attention?

Knowing that the product you are looking at is popular among Amazon’s customers is good. But it is also crucial to know when demand changes. Is it getting higher or lower? So you can avoid investing in an outdated product or an item that is falling out of style.

One way to see the product’s performance is through Amazon’s Best Seller Rank (BSR). Amazon’s BSR is calculated by adding up current and historic sales, product price changes and promotions, and competitive products. Therefore, BSR can roughly tell you how well the product sells.

To be more precise, you can also go to Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list. The perks of this list are that it covers a shorter time span than the Best Sellers list and that it shows the changing ranks and its gaining percentages. This data is super useful because it concentrates on the products that are gaining popularity, which can be used for identifying trends and possibilities that other sellers may not be aware of.

With Revam, you can easily check the changing ranking of the listed products from past to present from the graphs. This data can help you quickly determine the trend and help you choose the right product without having to manually search one by one.

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