how to find good Chinese suppliers?

One of the fundamental steps in your supplier research is the evaluation of the reliability of the manufacturer. Checking the company’s existing documents such as certificates is an important step, but checking the Chinese supplier in person is essential. To avoid scams, we advise you to check the supplier on site or to have a direct view in the factory via a camera for example (a solution which remains unreliable).

It is essential to audit your Chinese supplier before placing any order. Once the order is placed and you have paid your manufacturer, it is already too late to check the reliability and you are not sure that you will receive the goods. 

The supplier validation goes through the verifications of:

  • Years of existence
  • Ongoing litigation
  • Experience in manufacturing the product
  • Main markets they work in (do they know the standards in your market?)

If you are not able to perform a company audit by yourself, you can outsource this service to a purchasing office specialized in sourcing in China like ASIACTION.
Your agent is able to operate on any type of factory, anywhere in China, at any time and deliver you a complete audit report on your supplier in China.

After this validation step, you are finally ready to negotiate and place an order with your Chinese supplier.

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