Find the Best Chinese Manufacturer

We have over 20 years of experience in product customization and have handled many complex projects that most Chinese suppliers were unwilling to do. I can responsibly tell you that finding the right factory is very important.

For example, we helped an Australian client customize her bath ball, which she wanted to import from China for lower costs. However, she spent several months searching on Alibaba and couldn’t find a manufacturer to produce it. Finally, she found us for help.

This customization project had two main challenges. On the one hand, many of the materials listed in her formula were only available in Australia and hard to find in China. Secondly, it was difficult to tell the exact amounts of each ingredient according to her formula because she measured them in “drops” or “cups”, while Chinese factories used “grams”.

We contacted a factory specialized in chemical products that had been working with us for more than eight years. After seeing the bath ball formula, they accurately told us what materials should be used to replace the missing fragrance within a few minutes. As a result, we successfully produced the desired scent in the second sample.

As you can see, finding the right and professional factory can provide a quick and accurate solution, thus saving you time, effort, and cost.

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