Estimated Intimate Wear Market Growth In 2023

At present, the underwear market classification is various, according to gender can be divided into men’s underwear and women’s underwear

According to the growth stage of people can be divided into children’s underwear, adult underwear and underwear for the elderly.  According to wearing place can be divided into undershirt and underwear. 

Underwear, mainly refers to the clothing worn in the inner layer, is generally directly contact with the skin to wear, is one of the necessary clothing.  Broadly speaking, underwear includes bra, underwear, shapewear, thermal clothing, sports underwear, swimsuit, pajamas, home clothing, bathrobe, etc., with health, body correction, warmth, increase confidence and other functions. In a narrow sense, underwear usually refers to bras, underwear and shapewear.

For the underwear market, bra accounts for 60% of the consumption of underwear, which is the top priority of underwear.  The main market for underwear is men’s boxers, which have huge potential for future development.  After a frenzy of advertising for thermal underwear, it returned to silence and began to think of new revenue growth points. Shapewear has not yet a unified name, the name is not really satisfied with consumers.

Sexy underwear in conservative Chinese eyes, like a group of fire buried in the ground, waiting for the opportunity to burst out. China market research online network released 2021-2023 China’s underwear market in-depth investigation analysis and development prospects research report that in 2021, the total sales revenue of China’s underwear market is 113.7 billion yuan, to 2021 the size of the domestic underwear market reached 194.4 billion yuan, the compound annual growth rate is 144%.

Underwear Market Demand Growth Trend

The underwear market will become more fragmented

With the increasing diversification of terminal demand, the major brands are constantly adjusting, enriching and strengthening their product lines, began to focus on the professional point as a breakthrough of the market.

The importance of brand strategy is becoming increasingly obvious

While the underwear market tends to be fragmented, marketing tactics are also more refined. Major manufacturers began to realize that a brand is to obtain consumer satisfaction through its brand value, products and services, which needs to provide customers with more outstanding value. In the process of value transmission, a series of sales activities and behaviors should be defined on the basis of conforming to the core of brand value. In the era of individuality, how to express yourself and in what way is particularly important.

China’s thermal underwear industry has experienced many marketing strategies, such as product war, concept war, star war, price war and professional manager war. The endless emergence of marketing methods makes merchants gain short-term benefits, but also brings people aesthetic fatigue and indifference to products and brands.

Fortunately, many first-line brands stopped to explore new ways rationally and paid more attention to their own positioning in brand strategy. Starting from the brand and the enterprise itself, they focused on the core value of the brand, differentiated products for the target market, and comprehensively built brand competitive advantages.

Pay more attention to the detail design of underwear and its brand value

Underwear from the comfort point of view, in order to better meet the needs of consumers, more brands to personalized design, thoughtful consideration of details.

The Development Trend of Underwear Fabric

High-tech, functional fiber textiles become the mainstream of products

Traditional natural fibers are developing towards deep processing and finishing processing. Product is the cornerstone of an enterprise. In today’s underwear industry, continuous innovation, the latest technological elements and fashionable design are the necessary conditions for products to gain market share. British underwear brand Brown-Rich, for example, maintains its dominance in the rust-proof industry with high-grade cotton fabrics, which have long been cotton. Its socks are all made of high-quality Egyptian cotton and cut first-class. Even the elastic band on the top of the socks has different strength in front and behind the legs, which is consistent with the people-oriented modern technology concept. At present, in the Chinese market, its underwear has a good reputation among high-income people, and due to its personalized design, it is forming its own fixed consumer group, which promotes its further development in the domestic market.

Fabrics blended with many fibers are becoming more and more common

Nowadays, we can look at the tag of any underwear in the mall, and it will say 76% cotton, 19% Modal, 5% spandex and so on. A variety of fiber blending has become the inevitable trend of underwear development, raw materials will also become the support of all concepts, but also the support of products. We in the segment, segment the market product, the consumer segment at the same time, also the raw material properly subdivided using as a hot market differences of marketing, 87 best needle, G&P MODEL hand in hand, TENCEL market sell like hot cakes now two lenzing fiber brand exhibition, together with the concept of “you can wear to protect skin to taste”. Let a person feel from the product its conveyed “diamond grade” quality sense; At the same time, it tentatively introduced the application of VILOFT fiber in underwear, which reflects G&P’s continuous development direction from fiber fabrics. In addition, duocai in this exhibition in addition to its efforts to promote colorful cotton underwear, in its product exhibition area, we can find that the new corn fiber has also been used in underwear.

New underwear product development direction

1. Functional underwear; 2, comfort underwear; 3, environmental protection underwear; 4. Sports underwear; 5. Shapewear

In thermal underwear industry, the concept of body repair is pioneered by “TingMei”, which has been used for reference by many brands and accepted and loved by women. In recent years, single-layer thermal insulation has become a new underwear mode widely chosen by women who loves beauty. Therefore, more manufacturers start from fiber and introduce various functional fibers with heat storage and insulation as the selling point of their products. This not only meets the light and comfortable underwear and body shaping effect, but also has a lot of functional characteristics, such as a blend of soybean protein fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber underwear, with skin care, warmth, antibacterial, anion care and other functions. Following the fashion underwear series and swimwear series, “Shuya”  brings functional sports underwear series to China, launched professional functional sports underwear and Europe synchronously put on sale, the global limited, dry effect is 7 times higher than pure cotton fabric, underwear gives sports vitality.

Growth Characteristics of China’s Underwear Market

If we look back at the development of China’s underwear industry, we will find that although China’s underwear industry started late, it develops rapidly and presents its unique growth trend characteristics in the Chinese market:

Foreign brands lead the development of underwear industry

In the past ten years, the vigorous development of China’s garment industry is obvious to all. Both production capacity and brand operation are in constant development and maturity, and are gradually in line with the international level. The underwear market, which is inseparable from the garment industry, will continue to expand, subdivide and professionalize after years of cultivation. The market potential of China’s underwear industry is like a fertile land. Once sown, the harvest is imminent.

The thermal underwear industry is coming to its senses

Thermal underwear industry is a new industry in our country, from scratch in just nine years time, the winding development experience, from the high of violence to force the small profit to last almost no profits meager profits, experience the function of price war, many brand war, war, advertising campaign, today come back to the manufacturer from these mistakes, the overall rational regression, began to the integration of resources. After years of market fighting and huge brand communication advertising, thermal insulation enterprise brand has formed its intangible brand assets, how to expand the brand assets, become the primary problem of major enterprises to solve; On the basis of enhancing the core competitiveness of the brand, major enterprises continue to expand the brand, extending it to down jackets, woolen sweaters and even other areas to become the choice of enterprise development. Can such diversified brand extension bring higher profits or enhance brand value for the enterprise? This requires our overall consideration of the market and internal optimization and integration.

The internationalization of underwear enterprises

When foreign underwear brands enter the Chinese market, they not only threaten the domestic underwear industry, but also bring us new marketing management concepts and fashionable design elements. Our domestic enterprises only in the continuous “survival of the fittest” in the market competition in order to develop rapidly, and make enterprises tend to a better development track, gradually close to the internationalization.

The above is an analysis of the growth direction and development trend of the underwear market in 2023, and more content can be viewed on our other blogs.

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