7 Ways to Find a Right Yiwu Sourcing Agent

As the capital of small commodities in the world, Yiwu’s commodities are exported to more than 230 countries and regions, and the market is more than 65% export-oriented. Foreign trade is a “golden business card” of Yiwu.

According to Yiwu Customs statistics, in the first eight months, the total import and export value of Yiwu City reached 306.64 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.8%, and the growth rate was 11.0 percentage points higher than that of the province 0.8 percentage point.

If you need to import various products from the Yiwu market, having a professional local sourcing agent in Yiwu will make it easier and simpler for you to import from Yiwu, China.

Yiwu agents are intermediary companies between buyers and sellers. In this article, we’ll talk about the 7 ways to find the right Yiwu Sourcing agent.

1. Google

When looking for something online, the first thing that comes to our mind is the search engine, and Google is the best place to search. Either way, Google will provide you with useful information and select the best sites where you can find Yiwu agents and contact information. If you want to find a purchasing agent in Yiwu, just search “Yiwu agent” on Google and you can get the website list information of different foreign trade agent companies.

2. Yiwu Fair

Besides looking for agents or companies online, you can also visit trade fairs in Yiwu or other cities where you can find agent information. If you decide to buy and import products from Yiwu, you can go to Yiwu Fair, Canton Fair, Hong Kong Fair, and other trade fairs in other cities, you can talk to the agents directly at the fairs to learn about their service models and charging standards Wait.

3. Social Media

51% of online visitors currently rely on social media as a source to find the content they need, and social media (take Facebook as an example) can provide instant resources faster than any Companies connecting and communicating easily are also a way to verify and determine the accuracy of the information for any company you want to work with. Commonly used social media are Facebook, Linkedin, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. Chinese people use WeChat more often.

4. Freight Forwarding

As we all know, the indispensable link between import and export is transportation, and transportation is divided into various channels: sea, air, land, etc. Many well-known freight forwarders have offices in China, and they know the strength of some Chinese foreign trade companies. So if you know the freight forwarder, you can also get some Yiwu agent information through them.

5. Friend Introduction

If you have some friends or relatives who are engaged in import and export business, then they must have certain agency information and freight forwarding information in their hands. And if you and your friends both work with the same company, then you can negotiate more reasonable commissions.

6. Customs Data

Customs data refers to the real document records extracted from the “customs bills, bills of lading, and commodity inspections” of the customs of various countries in the world. With customs data, you can find sellers, learn about competitors, and more. Customs data can be said to be an essential trade assistance tool for import and export enterprises.

7. Airport, Hotel Advertising

Powerful Yiwu agency companies will choose to place long-term publicity advertisements in international trade cities, airports, hotels, and other places with high passenger traffic. When you visit Yiwu and don’t know where to contact the Yiwu agent, you might as well write down the contact information on these advertisements and try to get in touch. If you are already in Yiwu, then I suggest that you must visit their company when you choose an agent. You can look at the scale and sample room of the agency company. Seeing is believing, and the promotional information written in the advertisement is not necessarily real.

However, it must be understood that “China’s best Yiwu agent” is a very vague occupational title, and almost anyone can “claim” himself to be the best Yiwu agent.

Therefore, you need to make an informed decision when choosing this agent, otherwise, you may lose far more than his commission amount. Therefore, after quoting from different agents, you need to compare the scope of services, whether you have professional import and export knowledge and experience, whether you have a legally registered company, etc. I wish everyone can find a reliable agent and business is booming with the help of the agent.

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