5 Steps To Find A Quality Stationery Supplier & Manufacturer

Stationery manufacturer’s sample quality

Judge the quality of products by the samples provided by the manufacturers. If you are interested in some manufacturers’ products but not sure about the quality of the products, you can ask the suppliers to send related products, so as to determine the quality of the products based on the samples.

Detailed product quality information cannot be obtained only from the picture of the product. But the sample is different. The sample can represent the quality of the product to the greatest extent.

And can confirm the order according to the sample, that is, the sample delivery, so that you can buy the product with the same quality as the sample.

Judge by the source stationery manufacturer location 

After knowing which factory is the source, basically knowing the location of the source factory, we can judge whether the manufacturer is a product supplier with good quality by the general quality of the local products.

Of course, this can only provide a reference and does not completely represent the quality of the product, because, in some poor quality places, there are also adhere to the heart, maintain the quality of the product paper suppliers.


At present, the Chinese market in the implementation of product quality is put forward to win by quality. Therefore, compared with the African region, the quality of products in the Chinese market is much better, and the price is also in a competitive position.

High quality and low price are especially synonymous with Chinese products. You can fully believe that the price and quality of the Chinese market, the products are very cost-effective.

The region supplied products by the stationery manufacturer 

Different regions of the market have different requirements for products. Some regions have requirements for product quality, while some regions require lower prices and general product quality.

If the quality does not meet the regional requirements, it will be ostracized by local consumers and withdraw from the local market. So you can judge the quality of the product by the region where the manufacturer supplies the product.


For example, the American market attaches great importance to quality, which is the key factor to enter the local market. Therefore, if a product can be exported locally for a long time, the quality of the product is good.

Another example is the European market, which has high requirements for food quality and safety. In particular, the EU has a sound system of food safety regulations, which is recognized as the highest level of food safety protection in the world, and is also an important reference for many countries when formulating their own food regulations.

For companies supplying products to the African market, the quality of their products may not be very high, but they have great price advantages. They can choose different suppliers according to the demand characteristics of their products.

Pass the stationery supplier’s product quality certification index

ISO Quality Management system certification: International Standards Certification Organization (ISO): is composed of various international standardization bodies (ISO member bodies) of the world federation.

The work of setting international standards is usually done by ISO Technical Committee (TC176). Commodities from non-EC member countries must comply with these regulations to enter the European market, so they can represent the quality of their products.

CB certification: CB certification system, is by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IECEE) to establish a set of global electrical products conformity assessment mutual recognition systems, currently, there are 53 countries in the world, 81 certification bodies, 519 CB testing laboratories to participate in the mutual recognition system.

CE certification: It is a compulsory certification. Whether the products produced by enterprises within the European Union or imported products from other countries, if they want to circulate freely in the European market, they must be affixed with the CE mark. Therefore, the CE mark is regarded as “the passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market”.

TUV certification: The logo is widely accepted in Germany and Europe, not only to ensure the safety and quality factors of the product but also to provide other certification information (such as ergonomics, etc.), thereby increasing the product’s credibility and public acceptance.


If the supplier’s products can pass the quality certification index, it can show that the quality of relevant products is in line with certain standards, and it is not a product of poor quality.

In addition, suppliers are willing to provide relevant product certification if required by customers. It also shows that the supplier has confidence in the quality of its products and believes that the products can pass the relevant quality certification standards.

Suppliers of competitors

In some cases, a manufacturer will send a reference letter to the company, mentioning that it is a supplier to some of the company’s competitors. The company should seize the opportunity to get to know the vendor who finds this.

You can try to order products from such suppliers, so as to improve the quality of your company’s products and have a better understanding of competitors’ products. As an old Chinese saying goes, if you know yourself and your enemy, you will win a hundred battles.


We can also learn about the supply sources of relevant products through the best-selling product information of competitors, and find the source areas and suppliers of relevant supplies, so as to find relevant suppliers.

Obtaining higher product quality and lower product price than competitors is the key to better profits, and one of the secrets of the company’s long-term operation.

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