How to Find Reliable Wig Manufacturers in China?

How to find reliable hair suppliers in China? Figure out your demand There are many methods to find a hair supplier online, such as Google search, Alibaba, etc. Don’t spend too much time finding hair factories. If you purchase 3-5 types of wigs and wig accessories, 150 pieces per style, you just need to find […]

India Gaining Popularity over China as a Near-Shoring and Sourcing Destination

Most importers have been affected by supply chain disruption in recent years. Zero-Covid in China, exploding shipping costs, component shortages, the invasion of Ukraine, political tensions between China and the West, and the impacts of Covid on Western economies causing effects like high inflation, and more; all of these factors have had an effect on […]

How to import from China to the USA

We integrate factory resources all over China, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, etc. With abundant resources, we can quickly filter the best factory for any product at competitive prices, which is our greatest advantage. Even if yout order is small, we still can find factories to produce your goods. Thus, we are especially suitable for […]

E-commerce And Emerging Technologies

How we buy and sell goods evolves as we move into the digital age. With the rise of online shopping, businesses are turning to cutting-edge technologies. Utilizing them enhances the customer experience, increases efficiency, and improves profitability. From augmented reality and virtual reality to artificial intelligence and chatbots. These tools are revolutionizing the way we […]

Guide To Building A Successful Drop Shipping Business

Experts anticipate that the worldwide drop shipping market could be valued at up to $476.1 billion by 2026, an increase from slightly over $128 billion in 2020. And it’s evident why the drop shipping market is expanding so quickly. Drop shipping is becoming one of the most fashionable online business models. Drop shipping is a […]

How to Choose a Product Design and Development Company in China

Did you know that China is the number-one manufacturing country worldwide? They’re responsible for almost 30% of the world’s manufacturing output. There’s a reason businesses elsewhere bring their product and design needs to China. If you’re a start-up or an already-established business, it’s worth doing the same. Are you worried about working with a company that’s unreliable? […]

Reliable China Sourcing | Agent & Ships

As a reliable China Sourcing Agent in Yiwu market, China. We help customer sources and ships 40HQ container From Yiwu To Peru. 40HQ Container From Yiwu to Peru As a reliable China sourcing agent in Yiwu wholesale market, we have wholesale buyers who come to the Yiwu wholesale market on regular basis. We have customers on 5 […]

The Design for Reliability Process for Launching Reliable Products

What is the design for reliability process that importers can follow to make sure that their products don’t fail once in use by customers, even if it’s some time after the sale date? Since you need products to last at least the length of their warranty period, and probably longer in order to avoid upsetting […]

Design for Reliability Secrets [Podcast]

Our head of New Product Development, Andrew Amirnovin, stops by to explain what DfR is, what an unreliable product looks like so you know what to avoid, the DfR process, and some secrets to implementing design for reliability that are often missed.   Listen to the episode here 👇 Listen: to the podcast episode Watch: on Youtube […]

Ultimate Guide to Sourcing from China

If you want to create a new product and then sell it on your brand, it is a more complex process. First of all, you need to understand what product you want. This is the most important prerequisite. If you have your own design draft or product spec sheet, you can send it directly to […]

7 Proven Steps of the New Product Introduction Process

7 phases of the NPI process The NPI process consists of 7 stages for a product to be launched smoothly. We’ll go through each of the NPI phases below. Get an idea When you have a rough product concept, you can use market research to understand your product’s market value, your target customers and what […]

Quality Products Made Possible Through the Right Designs

Creating high-quality products is an art form. When a design team has the right resources and experience, they can turn an idea into something that is truly spectacular. Whether you’re a small business or a multi-national corporation, there is no doubt that having the right designs is what will take your product from good to […]

Breaking news! China opens its borders to all foreign travellers!

We discuss the positive news that as of Wednesday, March 15th 2023, China is reopening its borders to all foreign travellers!  Due to Covid China was pretty inaccessible to most travellers since March 2020, so after 3 years we finally see the end of most restrictions and have more access to China. Business travel started […]

5 Steps To Find A Quality Stationery Supplier & Manufacturer

Stationery manufacturer’s sample quality Judge the quality of products by the samples provided by the manufacturers. If you are interested in some manufacturers’ products but not sure about the quality of the products, you can ask the suppliers to send related products, so as to determine the quality of the products based on the samples. […]

China’s Borders Reopen to all + What is Applying for a Business Visa like? [Podcast]

Renaud and Adrian from Sofeast share the positive news that China is reopening its borders to all travellers today, March 15th 2023, because they are starting to issue tourist visas now. After 3 years of Covid-driven entry restrictions, we look in particular at changes that might affect business travellers who are eager to visit suppliers […]

China’s Borders Reopen to all. What is Applying for a Business Visa like?

Renaud and Adrian from Sofeast share the positive news that China is reopening its borders to all travellers today, March 15th 2023, because they are starting to issue tourist visas now. After 3 years of Covid-driven entry restrictions, we look in particular at changes that might affect business travellers who are eager to visit suppliers […]

The New Sourcing Landscape of 2023 with Global Sources & David Hoffman – GlobalTQM

Tom McGrenery 0:21 Now we’re joined by another expert guest, David Hoffmann from And let’s see if we can get David up on the screen there is Hey, hello, David. Good morning. I’m not sure is it the morning where you, David Hoffmann 0:35 Tom, it’s, it’s late mid afternoon. For me. It’s about […]

Must-read tips to successfully source from China 🇨🇳 ! – GlobalTQM

For your new product idea, sourcing from China might be an affordable method to have access to a variety of suppliers.  To guarantee a positive and easy sourcing procedure, it’s essential to conduct your homework. We’ll give our best advice for effectively sourcing from China in this blog post. Before agreeing to a partnership, it […]

Misfits Market: The Unusual Story of How the $2 Billion DTC Powerhouse Came to Be

Abhi Ramesh is a name that has been making rounds in the business world recently, gaining recognition for his incredible success with Misfits Market. Misfits Market is a company that specializes in delivering organic, fresh produce directly to customers’ doors. They have been making headlines for their unique approach to food waste reduction and their […]

Mastering Shopify Order Fulfillment

Are you running an online store on Shopify and wondering how to efficiently process and fulfill your orders? Look no further than this comprehensive guide to Shopify order fulfillment. In this guide, you will learn about the different types of order fulfillment, the steps to process orders on Shopify, and the benefits of using Shopify […]