Injection Molding vs Blow Molding: What Suits You Best?

When manufacturing plastic products, injection molding, and blow molding are both widely used. But some of you may not be very clear about, What is injection molding? What is blow molding? What’s the cost difference? How about the materials used? What product types are they suitable for? In the post, I will objectively analyze these […]

How to Start Manufacturing in China: Dos & Don’ts

When it comes to manufacturing, China has long been a popular destination for companies looking to tap into the country’s vast resources and skilled labor force. With its low labor costs, abundant raw materials, and massive market potential, it’s no wonder that many companies have decided to set up shop in China. However, starting a […]

Sourcing New Suppliers: 4 Key Risks To Eliminate

Sourcing new suppliers in Asia to outsource your product development and/or manufacturing to is a very common activity for many businesses. But for buyers who are new to sourcing from Asia, the process can be worrying. Are you able to find a supplier that is suited to your needs and can deliver on their promises? […]

HS vs HTS Codes: How to Find the Code you need?

Importers who outsource manufacturing in Asia need to ship their goods around the world to where they’re being sold, and understanding the difference between HS vs HTS codes could be the difference between paying higher or lower import duties because adding the wrong one to your products’ shipment could cost you! Here is a guide […]

Top 5 Alibaba Sample Questions (Cost, Order Template)

However, in real business, many people don’t know the specific parameters of the product. They just see a product they are interested in, and then want to start selling it. In this case, you’d better provide accurate product reference pictures, and product links, such as Amazon links, so suppliers can better understand the demand for […]

The Secret Behind the Doubling of Lume Cube’s Average Order Value

Riley Stricklin is the cofounder and CEO of Lume Cube, a lightbox that is the perfect complement to any photo or scene. He was inspired in 2014 by a personal and professional need for a portable, high-quality light when he took pictures of clients at night. When he saw other people using his product, he […]

An Introduction to Injection Molding and Its Uses- C2W

Did you know that the global market size of plastic injection molding may reach $419.1 billion by 2030? Why are the demands for injection molds so high? Injection molding is one of the most common methods for producing large volumes of plastic. Its also used in many industries, from medical devices to home appliances. However, despite its […]

How To Start A Dropshipping Business

  Dropshipping has been the talk of the town for quite some years. The convenient e-commerce landscape that dropshipping provides has attracted hundreds and thousands of business owners. Especially after the pandemic era, dropshipping has gained immense popularity. But what makes dropshipping popular? What factors make it an attractive investment opportunity? Do you need ZERO […]

11 Questions to Answer when Sourcing Chinese Contract Manufacturers for Electronics

When sourcing a new contract manufacturer in China, what are the main questions buyers need to answer before agreeing to work together? Renaud and Adrian cover 11 questions for buyers in this episode, especially those making electronic products (although much of this advice is relevant to many hard goods in general and suppliers in other […]